Using planning expertise to fund a better retirement

Retirement can bring great opportunities.  To travel, to enjoy a better quality of life, fund possible health care needs or help your family with their ambitions; maybe contribute towards a first car, further education, a wedding or simply alleviate the financial pressures that life can bring.

However, as is often the case, the funds you need may be tied up in the value of your house.  At The Planning Solution we offer a number of services to both increase and free-up this much needed cash. Using our in-depth planning expertise, we tailor solutions that respond directly to you and the aspirations you have.

"Talking with The Planning Solution is becoming an integral part of Retirement Planning"

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The Planning Solution and You

Services for Property Professionals

Increasing Value for Your Clients

"Never buy or sell until you have spoken with The Planning Solution"

Services for Property Professionals

Increasing Value for Your Clients

Meet the Team


Joe has 30 years’ experience in planning, civil engineering and construction. With a wealth of practical insight, Joe stands out for his innovation and determination to deliver the very best added value for clients. Charming and resourceful, Joe has a unique talent for identifying and converting hidden opportunities.

Managing Director

Gareth Capner is a senior advisor to The Planning Solution. He has been a leading authority in UK planning over the past four decades and brings a depth and breadth of planning experience and knowledge which is unparalleled across the profession.Gareth is Chairman of HM Government’s Housing Design Awards.


Planning Director

Andre has been a solicitor for over 20 years and is responsible for researching and progressing residential planning and development opportunities. He is fully conversant with the legal provisions and restrictions covered by local planning systems and regulations across the UK; an invaluable asset to have.


Planning Solicitor

Services for Homeowners

Using Planning Permission to Boost Your Wealth

Realising money from your home

You love your home and don't want to move.  Yet you need cash to fund a better lifestyle for you or maybe your family. In this scenario...

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Downsizing to something more manageable

Downsizing, or 'rightsizing' has become very desirable.  Why live in a house that is simply too big for you or too expensive to run?...

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Relief from Equity Release

You have borrowed against your home without having to move or without having to sell your home quickly. This may be through a lifetime...

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Saving your mortgage interest

Almost everyone who has ever bought property has done so with the help of a mortgage.  And as prices rise ever higher, so the concept of...

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Moving to retirement living

Moving to a more managed living solution can present great opportunities and freedoms.  At The Planning Solution we want to make...

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Maximising the value of an inheritance

Inheritance planning can be a multi-faceted and complex task.  Very often a property will lie at the heart of it and at times may be gifted...

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THE AIM - To have a constant flow of quality new properties coming on to your books, good communication with...

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THE AIM - To underdtand the full extent of possible development when discussing a property with a client.  To talk as a professional who is ...

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THE AIM - As the global body representing practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession...

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THE AIM - To create an environment of trust between the client and family office that the value of their residential real estate portfolio ...

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THE AIM - To secure the highest possible transfer of wealth to the beneficiary or beneficiaries of wills. To be seen to be creating...

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"The Planning Solution is an essential value-creation service for buyers, sellers and property professionals"


We come from a background in property - design, planning and construction - and offer in-house counsel to underpin the advice we give. We take enormous pride in transforming lives through our understanding of the planning system and how it can be applied to create additional wealth for our clients, very often where none was ever imagined.  


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As the association representing in-house legacy managers within the charitable sector one of its key aims is to help charities achieve the very best value for the properties they are generously left in individuals' wills. This involves supporting its 500+ members with the best professional advice and championing the interests of donors...

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