Downsizing, or 'rightsizing' has become very desirable.  Why live in a house that is simply too big for you or too expensive to run? Why keep value locked up in a home that is too large, when it could be used to enhance your lives and those of your children?  

The challenge here is not simply to sell and buy, but to sell at the best possible price and buy the best opportunity.  At The Planning Solution we achieve the best price for you by devising and gaining a planning consent for the project that will increase the value of your plot by the largest amount.  We use our understanding of the planning system to give you the opportunity to sell a house with planning permission for considerably more than it was worth before. 


Looking forward, it is always nice to know that the house you buy might, one day, also be eligible for planning consent. So that when it is ultimately sold, you can once again expect to achieve a much higer price than the market would normally dictate.  Here we can advise on the houses that you view, giving you all the information you need to make the best possible choice.