You love your home and don't want to move.  Yet you need cash to fund a better lifestyle for you or maybe your family. 

In this scenario we have years of experience in designing concepts and gaining consents for extensions and new builds on your land. With the right approach this can range from building on a section of your garden to transforming an outbuilding or even developing an adjoining field. You may then choose to raise a mortgage based on the increased value the consent has brought. Alternaively you may decide to sell or develop the parcel of land, raising significant cash to fund a very different lifestyle in retirement, all without moving house.


It's time to move to be closer to family or possibly to something a little smaller. 

Here we look to maximise the value of the house you are selling and, importantly, look at the opportunities that might exist in the house you want to buy. When selling a house we look beyond a lick of paint and use our understanding of space and knowledge of the planning system to advise on what your site could become.  In gaining consent for this concept we dramatically increase the amount you receive upon sale, giving you opportunities for the future that perhaps did not exist before.