You have borrowed against your home without having to move or without having to sell your home quickly.  This may be through a lifetime mortgage or home reversion scheme with the promise of a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement - clearing debt, taking the dream holiday, buying a second home or gifting early inheritance to your children.  In principle this all sounds wonderful and the benefits can be significant.


Over time however, owners of equity release schemes can view them as overly onerous - not only do they under value your house, but also the compound interest you are either paying or rolling up can reduce the value your inheritors receive to zero. At The Planning Solution we offer a 'no win no fee' review of your equity release scheme, with the aim of finding a planning consent based solution that will allow for you to be released from the stranglehold of your scheme, backed by legal advice. 

No win no fee to relieve you from the stranglehold of equity release